The Exceptional Discovery: the Body of King Anunnaki for 12,000 Years Completely...

The Exceptional Discovery: the Body of King Anunnaki for 12,000 Years Completely Intact


Let’s look at this report as the finds, as throw them all overboard Egyptology as well as the Sumerian archaeological associations of university research.


However, they confirm the non-university research, the know long, the Sumerians were before the Flood on the earth and are the descendants of the SHU MER, the people of Shu, who came from the ocean on the earth. So the indication that these finds are at least 12,000 years old probably is not the final indication of age. It may well be that they date back to times before the flood, such as Göbelki Tepe, and since the estimates themselves are also getting older.

So this second estimate has already reached 14,000 years. However, the deluge was lt. Geologists 12,980 BC. And the Giza complex will probably be at least 45,000 years old, although there are geologists who are talking about 800,000 years.

Now let us take these new discoveries and compare. We can rightly assume we are dealing with testimonies of the history which gives us the first glimpse of a prehistoric time allocation as well as the objectivity and history, new window open and bring the real past much closer.

It is the first real evidence of the knowledge bearers and their equality with God as an entity that is already before the Flood as their relationship with the people directly related to the civilization development of humankind and documented this.