VIDEO: Giants Really Live on Earth?

VIDEO: Giants Really Live on Earth?


Some archaeological findings suggest that our ancestors were no mites. In 1821 were in the state of Tennessee in the US found the ruins of ancient stone walls, under which was discovered human skeleton 215 cm high. Similar findings also made by archaeologists in Wisconsin in 1879 and informed him and the local press. Also in Utah were in r. 1883 found mounds where people were buried tall 195 cm in diameter, which is about 30 cm more than the average increase of Native Americans. In the Nevada desert were also found remains of women, which measured two meters.

But we do not stay in America. Also in Egypt, he was found a sarcophagus with the mummy of a woman with red hair, which measured two meters. Together with her in the grave and buried the infant. Both mummies whose characteristics differed significantly from the traditional inhabitants of the ancient Egyptian empire.

In Australia in 1930, they found a giant fossilized footprints. People who are left behind, according to anthropologists had to measure at least 210 cm. Fragments found jaw but suggests that some individuals could reach ten-foot stature and extraordinary physical strength excelled because commonly used tools weighing 9 kg. This is for the current homo sapiens still uncomfortable.,

In the book of history and antiquity to the 17th century, they have a library at Oxford University, writes about the discovery of a gigantic ancient skeleton with full military weaponry, which was discovered in the tomb four yards deep. At the height measured even 4 meters, and her teeth were long and 17 cm.

During the Second World War on the territory of Poland discovered fossil skulls high 55 cm, which is about three times more than the current one. Giant who owned, could measure a whopping 3.5 m. What kind of creature in all of these cases, it is still speculation.