Apocalyptic sounds are back – in Slovakia!

Apocalyptic sounds are back – in Slovakia!


It is called „hum,“ which is an expression associated with geologist David Deming of the University of Oklahoma, who described „a mysterious and unbreakable sound that hovers in some parts of the world 2-10 percent of the population.“ The range of sounds heard is from crashing in the middle of the night for long-lasting noise, which sounds like intense industrial activity going on in the sky.

Most notably, they describe ordinary people from cities such as York in England who say they hear from the sky excerpts of melodious melodious horns.

Strange sounds over Slovakia
The last place of these bizarre and inexplicable sounds has become Slovakia, where it was recorded on video.

So far, no one has been able to offer a comprehensible explanation for these mysterious sounds. Some believe that these chilling sounds could be caused by changes in the Earth’s core, which eventually lead to the complete move of Earth’s poles.

However, when we neglect speculation, there is little evidence for this theory. According to Deming, they can cause aircraft operated by the United States Navy and unprecedented amounts of accumulated response from telephone transmissions when communicating with submarines.

However, such an explanation fails because the mentioned sounds began to appear especially in 2011 and 2012, and if Deming was right, there were indications of a response to this response before that time.

Some people think the sounds could be caused by projects such as the HAARP weapon program, which allegedly works on top-of-the-line weather-changing technology. If that is true, it will not only explain the unusual sounds, but also the strange phenomena in the sky that accompany them, similar to those recorded in recent months in Slovakia.