Return of Nibiru? Atlas, 1697 by Johannes Van Keulen and Planet X.Australia...

Return of Nibiru? Atlas, 1697 by Johannes Van Keulen and Planet X.Australia – Planet X.SOHO. Planet X Slovakia


In 2012 planet Nibiru, physically he entered our solar system and began to affect the orbit of the planets in our system, changing their axes and poles during his trip.

The planet is closer to the Earth so much that affected our oceans for several years and led to the devastating tsunami, the awakening of volcanoes around the world and finally to influence the climate and the Earth’s axis, which moves slowly, thereby changing its physical position and magnetic poles. At the end of 2012 Nibiru reached the solar equatorial plane and proved quite visible. It acquired many photos and videos.

However, nobody in the mainstream media did not address this phenomenon. Why is this so?

The short answer is because NASA. NASA decided to contest the actual orbit and return of Nibiru in our solar system. The US government agency NASA called it necessary to deny the existence of Nibiru that this information does not cause panic throughout the world.

NASA then prepared very well prepared simulation that projected orbit of the planet Nibiru. Then transformed into a simulation on video and released it on the internet. Simulation shows using computers not just NASA Nibiru shift its orbit, but the orbits of all the planets of the solar system.