VIDEO: Nibiru, Planet X, Nemesis, The Destroyer, Wormwood, Hercolubus, Comet Typhon?

VIDEO: Nibiru, Planet X, Nemesis, The Destroyer, Wormwood, Hercolubus, Comet Typhon?


Despite extensive research, we still do not know where the Sumers came to the Southern Mesopotamia, or when it happened. Mortgages are so different that they are mutually exclusive. The most bold of them claim to have been the descendants of some cosmic race, as they have excelled in astronomy, but also in another.

Sumerian civilization originated more than five thousand years ago, and then suddenly and mysteriously ceased to be admirable. Sumer, long before Kopernik and Galileo, recognized the solar system, laid the foundations of mathematics, and they were able to write everything. Their knowledge was borne by the Babylonians and Asyrcans.

But why did these wise men retreat to the primitive desert nomad? Sumerians, who themselves described themselves as „black-headed immigrants from the East,“ lived in southern Mesopotamia (today part of Iraq), many of which point to their overseas origin.

Beautiful cities with mysterious giggles
Excavations have shown that before the Sumerians appeared in southern Mesopotamia, cities already existed. Sumeri did not do it, but thanks to their knowledge, they gained a dominant position in the new community. It is attributed to so many revolutionary inventions that many researchers are convinced of their contacts with cosmids. Sumer’s power stems from the ability to adapt to new conditions. In their vocabulary, sumers did not have words about construction, the hobby, and took them along with new insights: intensive agriculture was developed in Mesopotamia well before their arrival. At that time monumental temples in the form of zikkurata were created. They first started using the potter’s circle, but their most significant contribution is venetian font.

Aluminum tables, knowledge treasury
Drawings representing the Sun surrounded by planets indicate that they knew the heliocentric structure of our solar system long before Kopernik. They knew that the planets circled around the Sun, but the schemes on the clay tablets were full of „mistakes.“ They disagreed with the proportions and spacing of the planets, or their number, many contemporary investigators, Sitchin and the Czech writer Wojnar, not saying, Marduk (Nibiru) was thrown out of the boundaries of our solar system, and the Earth, the Moon, and a few asteroids emerged from Tiamat (it is interesting that the planet Earth called Sumeri Ki – a splitter, which gradually, GI, GE, later Gaia). Sumerians knew about distant planets that were discovered thousands of years later and recorded it!

God’s sons
Sumerian cosmogony speaks not only about the origin and development of our solar system, but also about the origin and the origin of the earthly life. According to these texts life on Earth was transmitted through the „Nibiru attack satellites“ … For the ancient Mediterranean peoples Marduk / Nibiru was the creator and ANA , Who was the master of the destiny of the Earth, of the people and of the „gods“ … Sitchin assumes that Nibiru’s intelligent life evolved perhaps millions of years earlier than on Earth, and then settled the colonies on Earth. Those who came to Earth from the planet Nibiru, Sumeri, spoke ANUNNAKI (what literally means „those who came from the Heavenly – ANU – to the Earth.) They were obviously the mysterious“ sons of God „- NefUim,“ who descended from heaven down“.

The Sumerian texts also record the creation of man (but this is a longer story), which later scientists have placed in the kingdom of legends and legends. But all this happened before the great flood. In Epose, Gilgamesh, the hero of the story, describes his encounter with the apostle Utnapishti (Noah?). It is a clear description of the situation before the flood. „The immortal gods of the Sumer Anunnaki“ could not face the „cross planet“ that was approaching the Earth. (There was only conjecture about what the flood actually caused, according to Wojnar, that Nibiru’s intersecting planet withdrew a sinker of planets and smaller meteorites, one of them crashing into the Earth and causing a cataclysm of immense proportions.) So Sumerian texts speak Something other than official science. When Nibiru approached Earth, it was time for the „gods of Anunnaki“ (as Sumeri called them) to leave, and the Anunnaki could not leave anything useful on Earth to take or to destroy it, and this describes the Sumerian epics and psalms in detail. From them about the shedding of the sacred, „gods“ of gradually abandoned zikkurov, from whom the disintegration of the hierarchy and authority of the leaders of Anunnaki.

Radioactive rain
According to Wojnar, the texts describe the two-sided effort to get (destroy) key joining, energy and other technical devices located in zikkuratoch. Enlil, the Earth Mission Administrator, was „crowned in the heights“ at his father, Ana, leaving Anunnaki to take a cardinal solution – apparently using nuclear weapons, not wanting to keep their technicians out of their hands … Wojnar is convinced that Sumerian culture has perished under the radioactive Rain …