Apollo 17 and mission Apollo 20: Erased from NASA records.

Apollo 17 and mission Apollo 20: Erased from NASA records.


According to official NASA reports, the Apollo space program was completed in December 1972 by Apollo 17. Is that really true? NASA’s former NASA officers were told that the Apollo mission continued.

Strictly secret mission?
If the Apollo space program did not end at 17, is it possible that no one noticed the launch of the rocket? At the beginning of 2007, both the movie and the commentary appeared on the YouTube Internet portal. It is said that the Apollo 20 mission began on August 16, 1976, from the military base of Vandenberg north of Los Angeles, and was intended to be ISZAK D – southwest of the Delporte Crater.

And why exactly there? The crew of Apollo 15 brought Earth from Delporte a literally stunning photograph taken by astronaut Alfred Merril Worden, who from the command module followed the moon’s surface. His two colleagues, David Randolph Scott and James Irwin, have so far performed on the moon surface. Four objects were captured with an elongated object, which at first glanced at an artificially created structure.

Have NASA plans changed?
NASA had initially planned the Apollo mission up to the 20th. But it was changed because of the unwilling public about the space program, and also because of the lack of funding that had been „dragged“ to the war in Vietnam. Perhaps that is why the Americans joined the Soviet Union, and in 1975 a joint cosmic project called Soyuz-Apollo was created, which later resulted in the Apollo 20 secret mission.

Can it be true?
The video that was on YouTube from the alleged Apollo 20 mission is questionable for skeptics because some videos and photos from previous Apollo missions have been used. Did not anyone just try to attract attention, and using computer graphics „shot“ allegedly true images and photos from the Apollo 20 mission? The question, however, is why this movie has been blocked by somebody on YouTube because it has disappeared after a while.

Shocking revelation?
Whether the Apollo 20 video was just a camouflage or a real shot of trying to reveal more experts. However, the Italian journalist, Luc Scantamburl, managed to investigate the originator. He just discovered that the person who gave the video on YouTube was the head of the mission Apollo 20 dr. William Rutledge.

The journalist also confirmed that Apollo 20 was NASA’s secret operation, which employs around 300 people. And it was not just any experts. Wernher von Braun, a NASA expert James Chipman Fletcher, also contributed to the mission. Rutledge also revealed that the object in the Apollo 15 photographs is a mother’s extraterrestrial ship, and a small piece of triangular extraterrestrial modules were located there.

The shocking thing about this is that the age of a huge extraterrestrial ship is estimated at 1.5 billion years, according to the moon dust layer and surrounding craters, from meteorites! Astronauts, however, were also inside the ship, and dr. William Rutledge has confirmed that they have found the remains of alien bodies in the glass banks!

And that’s not all – on the other side of the moon, the crew of Apollo 20 found an extraterrestrial space base named by the City.
The space agency has tried to hide everything, and mission images have been burned. Rutledge, however, got to the shootings through his friend who worked in the NASA security service. Maybe NASA has not managed to hide everything, and the world will soon learn more. But if you would like to search for Dr. Astronaut, William Rutledge does not find him in any US astronauts list.

So where does the truth hide?
There is little to believe in this story, because questions are more than just answers. How could the ship and extraterrestrial remains last for 1.5 billion years almost without harm? Why has no one ever gone after the moon? Will NASA still be playing a dead beetle? How long does it last, and finally tell the world the truth?