VIDEO: Artificial Alien Intelligence .part1

VIDEO: Artificial Alien Intelligence .part1


Join us as we investigate that biological life may just be an evolutionary stepping stone in a world dominated by artificial alien intelligence.
A global effort has begun.
Secret files hidden from the public for decades detailing every ufo account are now available to the public.
We are about to uncover the truth behind these classified documents.
Find out what the government doesn’t want you to know.
„Unsealed: Alien files,“ exposing the biggest secrets on planet earth.


Many people who report a close encounter claim they see ufos with advanced technology studying the earth.
But is there a biological entity behind the controls? Or are some ufos sentient machines? Some scientists believe the survival of mankind on a dying earth hinges upon the revolutionary science of artificial intelligence.

Evidence suggests that if aliens exist, they are more technologically advanced than humans.
But is technology an evolutionary trait? Many scientists believe the survival of our species depends on our ability to innovate.
And there is one technological advance that promises to change our place in the universe forever.

Artificial intelligence is a technology that allows a computer to think.
We know that machines are programmed.
They can do program to do whatever task we want them to do.
But that’s all they know.

In the field of ai, now you’re teaching them how to think for themselves, how to make decisions, how to understand what they’re doing and then learn from it.
It’s the great science fiction dream or perhaps nightmare.
Could a machine one day become self aware? What would machine intelligence be like? Unsealed case file The voronezh incident, September 23, 1989, voronezh, Soviet union.

The story of the voronezh encounter was a few children were out playing and saw a spaceship-type craft out in the distance.
300 miles southeast of Moscow, a group of children playing in a park witnessing boomerang-shaped ufo in the sky.

As these children then began to watch and see what was going to happen, a 9-foot-tall, what they described as an alien, exited the craft.
Gripped with fear, one of the boys starts screaming.
In the voronezh incident, the robot that was seen might have come straight out of the pages of a Sci-Fi novel.
It is almost the archetypal robot.

This is exactly how science fiction writers envisaged a A robot and perhaps, indeed, how scientists might design one.
To silence the boy, the alien fires a laser-like weapon.
This weapon was used against, uh, the children, where it actually fired on one of them.
And the child disappeared for a couple of minutes.
It’s a tense moment for all involved.
The machine seems to show no emotion.
One reason why a.

Might be such a threat is that machine intelligence would be unclouded by, uh, love and compassion.
This would simply be cold logic.
And if human beings were assessed as inferior, uh, emotion would play no part.
We might be, uh, deemed a threat and deemed something to be wiped out.
The missing child reappears, apparently unharmed.

Then the ufo and its occupants quickly fly into the sky.
Robots are often reported during ufo encounters involving entities.
And there is certainly great logic in the idea that extraterrestrial explorers would have robot helpers.
Do interstellar travel.
You can probably design robots.

And, uh, that will enable you to do a lot of the difficult and dangerous tasks.
But if any or all of the voronezh aliens were some form of robots, what were they sent to do? Now is that robot helper a guardian designed to protect the biological life form? Is it simply a A tool to recover samples? We don’t know.
But certainly, if humans go into space, they will doubtless, if the technology is there, take robots with them to do the legwork and to do the dangerous and difficult tasks that we can’t do

When you look atb what the human race is doing with its technology, it really isn’t that far-fetched that in extraterrestrial civilization, given the fact that their intelligence grows to create

If this story is taken at face value, this thing may well have been some sort of alien probe sent to explore planet earth and perhaps sent to take and recover samples from the surface of our planet.

Experts suggest one way to explore the galaxy would be to employ a self-replicating probe.

If the kera ufo was extraterrestrial, one theory is that it may have built itself.
The idea of a self-replicating machine is that a A single probe, probably an….end of part1