VIDEO: The prophets warn of God’s wrath in 2017: Last biblical generation...

VIDEO: The prophets warn of God’s wrath in 2017: Last biblical generation before the big end?


Several self-proclaimed prophets believe the worst apocalypse world goes this year. Called 2017 “a year of revenge.” According to the new forecast Reverend Donna Larson at each end of the world draws attention to disturbing signs.

The Bible warns, fortune-teller prophesies that he will reign on earth six thousand years before it destroys God’s wrath. Larson believes that if Adam walked the earth 3,983 for BC, next year awaits humanity apocalypse.

Frosty weather people show a sixth sense: Ten premonition that were filled
2017 will be an important milestone also because 50 years after a key division of Jerusalem and the 70th anniversary of the founding of Israel. These numbers prophetess considered extremely important and follow the Bible. The numbers 50 and 70 represent the “beginning and end”

Year of awakening and severe shock
And according to the theory of Robert Binniona 2017 threatens disaster and from the perspective of Judeo-Christian reference is bonded seven periods, which represent the last generation of Bible. Prophets but can not determine the date, which should be decisive.

And according to Michael Parker will be 2017 by “awakening and severe shock.” The prophets warn that the planet is recently the scene of an earthquake or a number of extreme weather events that never in the history of modern mankind were not as significant,

The volcano was awake, come earthquake
Vesuvius wakes up to life, and logs the massive eruption. The event is to be made even in the beginning of this year, in daylight. Surroundings fading to darkness.

That is not all. Explosion will be preceded by a devastating earthquake that occurred a few minutes before the volcano lava begins to sparkle. USA and West hit a major earthquake. Mountain St. St. Helens volcanic eruption was shake that is likely to cause a huge earthquake.
Part of these forecasts is the eruption Yellowstone supervolcano at which destroys most of the United States.

In April 2017 Russian scientists discovered a huge asteroid whose path should lead directly to Earth. Fall is 15 or 17 May It will result in the death of 1.2 billion people. NASA, however, denies this allegation and states that there is no reason for concern. “NASA does not know any asteroid or comet is NOT currently on a collision course with Earth, so the likelihood of a serious collision is relatively small,” said a spokesman for NASA.

“In fact we can say that we do not know of any large objects that should probably hit the Earth in the next few hundred years.”
A forecast for the conclusion is:

“All these events will create conditions for the Antichrist, whose operation by 2020 expanding worldwide. Jesus’ second coming, however, that in 2023 all over. “