Was the Bethlehem star really a star? Or UFO?

Was the Bethlehem star really a star? Or UFO?


Even the ancient Egyptians watched the mysterious objects, as evidenced by the records. In 1450 before n. Pharaoh Tutmosa III. Such a phenomenon in the sky was so demanding that he commanded the writer to record it:

„In the third month of the winter and the sixth hour of the daily writer of the House of Life, 22 saw a fire circle coming from heaven. He had no eyes. From his mouth was a smelly breath. His body was 5 meters long and 5 meters wide and was silent … Several days passed and these things began to appear in the sky as often as never before. They shone more than the sun’s rays … The position of the circles of fire dominated the sky. Then the fiery circles grew higher to the sky, towards the south. Fish and skeletal animals or birds fell from heaven. It was a miracle that has not been in these counties since their creation. “

Biblical confession
Experts in the subject are also carefully studying fragments of the Bible, which they believe may relate to this phenomenon. The Ezekiel book describes a meeting with God’s Carriage. At various times, many researchers have attempted to construct the „carts“ based on Ezekiel’s description. Every time there were drawings representing an interstellar ship, as we imagine today. Also, the New Testament contains a description of the object that the current Uphology classifies as „night light“ or simply a UFO. It is a Bethlehem star that was not an ordinary heavenly body, because it appeared and disappeared according to the description.

The eyes of the three sages turned east and moved, until it was over the place of Christ’s birth. The three kings, the sages, have perfectly recognized the night sky. The Bethlehem-walking star showed them the light of Jesus‘ birthplace, which meant that he had to bind just above Bethlehem. If it was a comet, it would not be possible to locate the settlement – comets are constantly moving. It can therefore be assumed that the star was an unidentified flying object.