VIDEO: Gilgamesh and Enkidu Bodies Found in Iran.

VIDEO: Gilgamesh and Enkidu Bodies Found in Iran.


Gilgamesh and Enkidu bodies found in Iran.
This discovery is done completely by chance in the spring of 2008, and if we know happened is no doubt thanks to the Russian media, and television premsa. This occurs in Kurdistan, Iran, a country rather closed to the world, at least in the Western world, but it has good relations with Russia.

Although hidden until today, 2015, we managed to know by what has published the Russian press (thanks Google Translator), that the discovery

occurs in a work, when digging the ground to make the foundations of a house. Then appear a mausoleum containing three coffins, and after more concise excavations, a layer of ground containing the remains of an ancient

civilization and the ruins of a city. By the stratum in which it was found, but also thanks to the artifacts found inside, archaeologists determined that the monument and the city were built Sometime between 10 000 and 12 000 years old, a date quickly reviewed by the Islamic authorities after publication of the finding in the Russian press, the Iranian authorities publicly said that the ruins had a 850 years old, which obviously does not correspond to the facts and is, again, an official lie.

Of the three sarcophagi found in the mausoleum, we only have video evidence of the first two. We know nothing of the third, or their content, or who was inside.

Gilgamesh’s death
Sumerian epic, contains 305 verses of this epic have survived several smaller parts of Nineveh. The epic of Gilgamesh depicts the last days of life. Gilgamesh is already heavily (terminally) ill and it seems his dream. In this dream is the assembly of the gods, who discussed his glorious deeds, ultimately state that can not obtain immortality, but that after death becomes a manager of the underworld and as such, it will oversee the

deceased, to decide their disputes, and so on. Since this dream repeated Gilgamesh counselor asked for an explanation, they told him that he would die and become one of the Anunnaki gods. Gilgamesh was still not reconciled with death, followed by an unknown portion of the text, and then reunited with Enki (probably in dreams) and death

reconciles. Urucké convene all workers and now command them to the Euphrates drained built a tomb, which is stored with his entourage (courtiers, wives) and gifts, then the door is sealed and the Euphrates returned to his bed. This part was after the year 1500 BC. Completely forgotten in the Akkadian version has been completely omitted.